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. | rules )
( sign me the fuck up 👌 )
✔ both literature and script
✔ crossovers and aus
✔ well written ocs and self rps
✔ angst and gore (heavy gore in notes!)
✔ fluff and flirting ( if u dare )
✔ shipping and multishipping 
✔ crack rps
✔ out of character chat
( bad shit no thanks 👎 )
✘ godmodding and controlling my muse 
✘ main accounts or overbearing self-rp accounts
✘ mary sue/gary stu characters
✘ rape, pedophilia, vore etc. and any other weird fetishes. get 
that shit far far far away from me please and thank you 
✘ forcing my muse into situations or forcing ships onto me
✘ smut or anything nsfw he's still young ok
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little experiment. by prxpitious little experiment. :iconprxpitious:prxpitious 13 3
( hELP )
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☐ - Comics
✘ - Animated Series
✔ - Suicide Squad Movie
♢ - Video Games
ϟ - Admin Fancanon
" He was the biggest mistake of my life... Do not let him be yours. "
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Harley still struggles with her feelings for the Joker. While she's generally able to keep her cool, certain things can trigger her, and she can become very emotional and enraged. He hurt her deep, and she carries the scars like a burden. She hates him for all he's done to her, for creating her into the monster she sees in the mirror, and for rendering her unable to properly love another person. 
" Wait... Someone left me a building? "
☐ ϟ
For a while after her original stunt with the Suicide Squad Harley was living out in a storage unit in Gotham City. It was all fine and dandy, that is, until the Joker decided to leave her a little gift, which happened to be a bomb that blew up the entire unit. As if by fate, immedia
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I have been waiting for this moment. Fucking finally.
Fav this journal if u want a valentine's card  ; ))))  I promise it'll destroy your page
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starter iv || my little problem
I know I have some starters and stuff to reply to but I wanna RP a seeing Gauche so have this  :" )
Feel free to reply in any format whatsoever, you don't even have to match lengths lmao even if tbh this is rly short and looks half assed to me
Perhaps it was the notion that he would finally be able to work with his favourite things again that caused him to leave the hospital the moment he could, as soon as he was given permission to take off the bandages to his eyes and given necessary care tips for his vision for the time being. He knew better though - those corneal scars won't even last long. As soon as they connect with his own, they'd fade. Which is why he had disappeared without even notifying anyone - a bad habit of his, apparently. What a waste of communication device, really.
The first thing that he would really like to see was his own flower shop, obviously. He had given so much trust towards Chandler on the building's interior and exterior de
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. living with the laurents I by grungeflorist . living with the laurents I :icongrungeflorist:grungeflorist 13 10
[I'm sending out starters!]
I really want to get back into RPing with you guys, I miss it a lot. So favorite this journal and I'll be sending starters! Comment if you want something specific or if you want to specify whether you want lit or script.
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protoman hoodie by bmansnuggles protoman hoodie :iconbmansnuggles:bmansnuggles 160 69 Mega In Space by AnimatorAR Mega In Space :iconanimatorar:AnimatorAR 192 60 Smash4 Mod: Protoman by Nibroc-Rock Smash4 Mod: Protoman :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 206 8

Protoman 'Blues' Light

→ gender: Male
→ actual age: "I'm a robot?"
→ birthday: he forgets.
→ height: 5'4
→ eye color: Blue
→ hair color: Brown
→ sexuality: "Again Robot"

"Robots are machines that follow orders. I'm a machine that doesn't, so what does that make me?"

Protoman, Also known as Blues is the first robot created by Doctor Thomas Light. Considered to be an older brother figure to Rock [Megaman] and Roll. Blues is known for his large amount for independence. But being a prototype robot, his designs were never completed. Therefore having a large critical problem in his energy core meaning originally he was going to die.

Dr Light planned to repair this damage but out of fear of this modification effecting his personality, he refused to have the modifications and running away from this. After this, he had learnt from his mistake of fear, he went to return to Doctor Light only to find he had created Rock and Roll.

Then running away again until his energy completely depleted soon found by Dr Wily and repaired. Blues then takes the identity of Break man.


Blues: Boom Boom boom. Lemme hear say way-o


P-rotoman's Profile Picture
Don't you forget it.
United Kingdom

| Blues | Protoman | Prototype | he just needs hugs okay |

Blues in personality is independent but he is also known to be simply caring as well as stubborn and he can be very kind. Generally he doesn't consider Light his father anymore, and the two of them have drifted apart due to the fact that Blues feels replaced and that Light loves Megaman and Roll more now that he was gone and he feels that he'd mess that up. He doesn't really realise how much Dr Light misses him.

Blues generally enjoys to wander around the human world but usually doesn't like how humans use robots as slaves and not sentient beings, but Blues doesn't realise most robots are not actually like him and that his free will and independence is actually quite an advancement in normal technology. He tends to be an anti hero.

Blues has a very special whistle that he usually whistles when he indicates he is there, this tune he made himself actually. He actually likes animals and humanity, he enjoys cats the most having a robotic cat named Tomen who usually recharges itself on its wheels. He usually can repair other robots just not himself, he usually leaves that to scientists he encounters, mostly Doctor Wily but he has now warmed up to the fact of being fixed by Dr Light after being convinced by Rock and Roll.



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